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HazelDomangue You will be so glad you visited here. Precise Expression provides writing instruction, writing workshops, tutoring, and a place for writers to congregate.

Did you know that:
  • Functional illiteracy in the workplace costs employers more than $60 billion a year in lost productivity?
  • 20% of 8th graders and 12 graders scored "below basic" in the most recent National Writing exam?
We provide writing instruction to 13 - 17 year old youth in our Summer Writing For Youth.

In the Business Writing Workshops, we help improve and enhance business writing skills for reports, emails, proposals, etc.

Realizing that writing is therapeutic for senior adults and veterans, we conduct Memoir Writing Workshops.

Tutoring (for all ages) in the English Language Arts.

Please take a look at the extended services for each and then register for the appropriate one for you or your child. Workshops are held all year long from 4-day increments to weekly sessions.

When you register it will be the first step in your reaching the very attainable goal of writing well, and writing with pleasure. Let's more forward together.
"Some of the children were reluctant when the class began but as time went on the children became excited about the class and wanted to learn more. (Ms. Domangue) is creative, deeply conscientious, professional and hardworking."
Ms. Stewart
Abraham Lincoln Centre

"My grandchildren especially enjoyed seeing some of the stories...writing the stories also helped me organize my thoughts and present the information consistently."
William Ruth

"The class was a forum for us and other classmates about times in our lives that we had not visited in a while."
Jacquelyn House

"I found the ideas of writing shared by this program, presented me with ways to not only reflect on what I wanted to say, but to do so in an easy natural fashion that would invite others to appreciate my story. As a consequence, I have uncovered an ability to communicate more clearly in the written word and in my everyday speech.
Thank you, Hazel. You and this program have been an invaluable asset to me."
James Adams