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Subjects: writing, reading, English, ESL, spelling, phonics, GED, grammar, study skills, vocabulary, test-taking, and others.

Attention Employers:
  • Functional illiteracy in the workplace costs employers more than $60 billion in lost productivity.
  • Companies' reputations are rated on how well they can communicate their messages.
  • Precise Expression can bring its workshop to your company. All is needed is a conference table, chairs, and a black- or white-board.
  • Your employees can save commuting time.
  • The culture of your company is ever present.
  • Comfort in working in familiar environment
  • More employees can attend, because the cost is lower.
  • Instruction in:
  • Grammar, report writing, sentence structure, email and other communication materials

  • For Employees & Job Seekers:
    You must take this course if:
  • you are working on a job where you communicate in writing
  • if you are considering a job that requires writing
  • if you are looking for a job

  • FACT:   Good communication skills attract potential employers; good writing skills assure continued employment
    FACT:   Many employers toss out ill-written and misspelled resumes on job applications
    FACT:   If you cannot express yourself well in writing, you limit your opportunities for hire and advancement
    FACT:   Most jobs involve writing: job specs, emails, bids, reports, ads, meeting minutes, sales material

    Receive guidance & instruction in:
  • Grammar & usage
  • The Job Application
  • Spelling & figurative language
  • Structuring sentences
  • When not to write
  • Writing persuasive copy
  • Writing with conviction and strength


    In a well-structured teaching and learning environment, this workshop is designed for youth between the ages of 13 - 17. They will be trained to make essential changes in their writing styles for essays, book reports, classroom and homework assignments. Youth will learn to use their creativity and imagination through story telling. At the end of the session, they will have gained enough confidence in their writing skills that they will eagerly plunge into the next writing assignment.


    This workshop provides senior adults with the opportunity and guidance to write their life stories for personal satisfaction and as a roadmap for future generations. You will learn how to transfer memories of a remote past into present-day narratives with which others can relate. You will enjoy participating with others in working out writing assignments and sharing life stories. Lastly, you will boost your self-esteem and connect on a social level with others in the program.


    Having served our country, and are now in civilian life, you will be able to write about your military experience and help others to understand what you went through, what you learned about coping in unfamiliar stressful situations, and what coping mechanism you used while being separated from family and loved ones. Recalling the action you saw in fighting for our country, you can begin to make sense out of what you did and come to the healing realization that your service was necessary to the safety and security of our country.